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Saif’s been doing most of the masters for SATURATE! lately. He always comes through on quality and customer service. The sound is on point, deep, thick, dynamic and loud. He even provides different styles of mastering, adjusted to our special needs (think newschool vs. oldschool).
— BIOS (Head of SATURATE! Records)
Saif Bari is a master of his craft and a pleasure to work with. He gets involved with your track the minute you send him your premaster and guides you and your track to a polished master in a timely and professional way. If your premaster needs mix adjustments, he will suggest them with clear and insightful notes. He then masters your track using his insanely discerning ears and a combination of analog and digital equipment to get a sound that is loud and weighty but still dynamic and rich with transient attack. The mastered tracks I’ve received from Saif sound exactly as I envisioned them while writing the tracks in the first place, which is all you can ask for in a mastering engineer. In the words of a friend who’s also a regular customer of Fixed Mastering - “Saif is a boss - 100%!”
— Telemeter
Saif does amazing work. He expertly maintains the soul of a project at extremely high spl levels.
— Jeremy Cox Mastering
Saif has been my only mastering engineer for approaching 5 years now. He sorta took me under his wing and helped me to develop my sound in a way that is unique all to himself. Unlike some other engineers, Saif is as concerned about the final product as you (the artist) are. In his eyes, both of your names are representing that piece of art & he takes that dedication very seriously. If there is an issue with your mix he will provide consultative feedback that assists you in not only recognizing the problem/solution but also arming you with the knowledge to avoid it in the future. After referring several other producer friends his way I have learned that this experience is shared with them as well. Not only has he taught me more invaluable knowledge than I can count, his masters are consistent in industry leading standards and are only continuing to sound better and better as he goes along. Saif has never been content with doing things the same, he is constantly adjusting/tweaking/re-aligning to make his product better than it was before. I really feel he has the correct tools in his arsenal to handle all tasks, and I couldn’t imagine sending a mixdown to anyone else.
— Chase Manhattan
Fixed Mastering is always delivering topnotch. One of the best things is the feedback on a mix. This way i learn about mixing and my master sounds better. Deadlines was never a problem for them, always in time and super quality
— Subp Yao
In a competitive market where gear is making it easier for anyone to sound like a professional there is still something that can set one apart from the noise. Since working with Saif we’ve worked together, mastered many projects, and have exchanged a lot of knowledge. To offer a service and satisfy someone is how you stay afloat. To deliver ten times more than what someone pays for is how you help your community grow through your craft. Having every question answered and patience through step by step explanation my understanding of music production has quadrupled since working with Saif. The cost of his service is not just affordable, it’s priceless.
— Pacific Patterns
Saif’s communication, knowledge and just passion for the music is heard in the dynamics of the mastered product of my latest album on Saturate. He gave me advice on each track to fully bring it to its full potential
Saif’s my secret weapon and the best in all aspects! Will continue to work with him for a lifetime
— Yunis
I had been producing electronic music for years and every time I sent music off for mastering I was disappointed with the way my tunes sounded when they came back. I sent tracks to different places trying to find someone that understood the sound I was trying to achieve to no avail. Then a good friend of mine turned me on to and I haven’t used another mastering house since! Saif is professional, on time, patient, friendly, affordable, and most importantly he understands the needs of todays electronic music producers! I appreciate the concise revision notes that he gives to help me get things to land correctly in the mix. I love the rich thick sounding masters that i get back every time with thick warm bass and crisp dynamic top end! I finally found my mastering engineer!
FixedMastering has shown me how effective mastering can be. 2 of my releases have been done by Saif and I plan to do many more. He is always my first recommendation to anyone.
Not only are Saif’s masters top notch but he will take the time to educate you on how to improve your mixdowns. I can’t recommend Saif enough!
I have had Saif do my mastering for a few years now and every experience I have had with him has been quick, professional, and he has made every mix that I have sent him sound AMAZING.
— Sleeve
I have used Fixed Mastering on several occasions and each time I am more than pleased! Fast personal service at a great price too. I would highly recommend for any style of EDM and Bass Music!
— NoWa (Noah Cochren-Hawkes)
Saif is a consummate professional with a brilliant ear— you’ll be hard pressed to find better even at much higher prices.
— Jeff Greenfield (Lewdite)