Dov1 - Your Special Day (Muti Music)

Featuring mastering by Saif Bari, a mastering engineer here at Fixed Mastering

Your Special Day is a chilled out and softer offering from Dov1, the beats vary from Dancehall and Dub inspired rhythms to Halftime, Trip Hop and Experimental. The EP is based around one sonic template, that evolves into different interpretations, starting with some softer emotional melodies, moving into lighter and more uplifting vibes on YSD2 and the remix by HNGVR and moving into the deep emotional journey of the Hypha remix and back into the light for ‘Shine Bright’. 
The pads and arpeggiated synths are hooks that ground the tunes throughout the mixes and make some light and easy listening. 

Dov1 is a prolific DJ, performer, label owner and music producer and selector. He does not have restrictions of one type of Bass music, due to the fact he has journeyed through many incarnations of Bass music as the genres arise, often pioneering the genres on his label, Muti Music.

In his role as founder & owner of Muti Music, and the other labels he has / does play roles in; Medicine, Producer Dojo, Cyberset, Earthdance, EyePhunk and Fuel Records, he has helped define the sounds coming out of the US west coast, often serving a as bridge for cross continental influences and collaborations to happen. 
Artwork by Algorithm Design Studio