Fryar & Houman - Crossed (STRTEP070)

Mastered by Mastering Engineer Saif Bari

Fryar and Houman are no strangers to working together. Through the Wavecraft Collective formed a couple of years ago, the two versatile bass producers have shown their innate chemistry through various eclectic pieces such as the Duality EP, ‘Crisis‘ and ‘Levitate.’ Weaving smoothly between trap, halftime, neuro and more, there’s no telling exactly how these two will boggle your mind next, but one certainty is that it will happen every time they come together.
At this point, Fryar and Houman need to make it Facebook official and fuse their individual brands into one giant voltron of cutting-edge bass.

Matthew Fryar and Houston Harrelson have already released their Duality EP via Wavecraft Collective, the southeastern bass crew to which they both belong, which sports other members like FRQ NCY, Dugosh, and Ghost Litter. Now the pair take their sound international with a forthcoming EP on legendary experimental bass label Saturate Records.

Tomorrow, fans will get to hear the Crossed EP in its entirety, though a couple previous singles have been premiered elsewhere this summer. We have the privilege of debuting the last track from the EP, “Ricochet,” which if I may say so myself is most emblematic of what this duo is capable, and evocative of Saturate’s most shining moments over the years. Both Fryar and Houman have a handle on the sound designery aspects that send tingles up the spines of their contemporaries, but don’t get bogged down in the granular synthesis and overt showmanship that neglects the desired effects of a proper dance floor banger.