TRACE - Crushing (Ultra Music)

Mastered by Mastering Engineer Saif Bari

Unrequited love is a motherf**ker that’s the driving force behind over 80% of all art created (citation needed). Less examined is the specter of being on the receiving end of romantic feelings you have no desire to reciprocate.

There’s an incalculable amount of music and art about being miserable because someone doesn’t like you. But on her brilliant new single “Crushing”, TRACE explores what it’s like to make someone miserable cause you don’t feel the same way about them. Anchored by a dreamy, woozy, alt. pop beat, TRACE spends the duration of the song cooing that she’s not upset by the attention, but has no intention of responding to it in kind. It’s “kinda cute”, but she’s bored by it and feels bad that the rejection will eventually make her would-be crush emotional.

Her delivery is a perfect combination of arrogance, empathy, and bravado. It’s a fantastic song to have on repeat this weekend, regardless of your romantic endeavors (or lack thereof).