Yayoi Daimon - #KetsuFure

Mastered by Mastering Engineer Saif Bari

YAYOI DAIMON Singer Song Writer / DJ Greatly influenced by Black music, she uses her renowned dance as a weapon Active in every aspect of self-production, from songwriting to track-making to choreography and more. In 2010, she was chosen from about 2,000 dancers on the TV Tokyo audition program, ‘ Welcome TV ‘ and made her media debut as part of the group ‘ rhythmic ‘. She released four singles, including ‘Kimi ni Tsutaetakute’ - the ending theme for Fuji TV’s ‘HEY HEY HEY’ and ‘Hikari no Reeru’ - the ending theme for Yomiuri TV’s ‘Jidan Koushoujin Gotakeshi’ and also performed live across Japan. In 2012, after the breakup of her dance group, she embarked on a solo career and transferred to avex group in the year. Her music video, ‘Ai no Tobira’ aired on avex’ official channel, exceeded 10,000 views in two days. In 2013, she found great success with the avex x Dance Opera stage production, ‘The Dream Street ‘ which she produced and starred in. After she played active as a leader of ‘SHELLA Girls’ -DJ group produced by avex, she started her solo DJ career. In Osaka, she held ‘OSAKA REVORHYTHM’ gathered by the rising generation of young artists 3 times so far and all of them ended in large success. In Tokyo, she jointly hosted a girl’s event, ‘GIRL’S POWDER ‘ with Mikoto Ise from BIRTH. She has distinguished by the name of DJ YAYOI DAIMON as the one and only DJ who can do MC as well as sing. Currently, she shows her activity nationwide - mainly in Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and also expands her performance to Taiwan. In 2015, she will launch on releasing a solo album out. a singer, DJ, songwriter, composer, dancer, choreographer, model, actress and producer- this multi-talented performer wears nine hats and has fostered great expectations for what she’ll do next.
— https://www.tunecore.co.jp/artist/www.yayoi-daimon.com
Source: https://linkco.re/fg92u4QS

Native Son (Original Motion Picture Score) - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (HBO)

Mastered by Mastering Engineer Saif Bari

Directed by artist Rashid JohnsonNative Son is a contemporary adaptation of Richard Wright‘s 1940 classic novel.

A young African-American named Bigger Thomas(Ashton Sanders) living in Chicago enters into a seductive new world of money and power after he is hired as a chauffeur for an affluent businessman. The film is a subtle, provocative and original look at race relations in the USA.

Rashid Johnson partnered with composing duo Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (Stranger Things) to craft the score to Native Son. The result is a dark atmosphere where distorted guitars are mixed with subtle ambient and electronic compositions. This is Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein’s first score for a feature film.
Native Son premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and will air on HBO on April 6, 2019


Source: http://hyperurl.co/nativeson

Lido - I O U 2

Mastered by Mastering Engineer Saif Bari

Lido has released part two of his I O U concept album, featuring a plethora of his own vocals–a rare and, at present, particularly warranted inclusion for the multi-talented instrumentalist.

The boundless bearer of beats also packed the highly personal I O U 2 with a visual accompaniment, which saw limited theater release in Chicago, Toronto, and Seattle. The short film, like the EP itself, is quite meta. Ascribing his Everything album from two years back as the official introductory offering to the extended project, a post-breakup catharsis of sorts, Lido deems the I O U EPs as a “reflection on that process.”

Fittingly, Lido’s R&B-routed vocals encircle this conflicted tale of an ex-lover emerging from his scorn, not entirely ready for reconciliation. From newfound perspective, Lido posits on the violin-infused “Ex” that perhaps the romance was ill-fated from the beginning, when he “borrowed” her “‘from the universe.”

While “Flaws” touts ’90s-inspired R&B harmonies and organ synths under the guise of a forthright pop ballad, “Vultures,” “The Lonely Slow Ones,” and “Son Of Simon” exude Lido’s characteristic experimental flickers that render his work so compelling: ambient interruption, vapory synth emissions, and billowy, melancholic vocoder–to name only a few.
— https://dancingastronaut.com/2018/11/lido-lets-pipes-pave-way-reflective-o-u-2-ep-stream/
Source: https://open.spotify.com/album/1wpl5L33Gn9...

TRACE - Make Me Laugh (Ultra Music)

Mastered by Mastering Engineer Saif Bari

Los Angeles-based songstress TRACE has shared her newest single, “Make Me Laugh,” off of her forthcoming sophomore EP due out this fall via ULTRA, and we’re pleased to premiere it. The track finds TRACE lamenting the harsh realities of dating over a steady boom-bap beat with skittering electronics filling the backdrop. Equal parts PBR&B and vintage singer/songwriter, the track deftly mixes the elements of electronica and soul. Check out the single below.

On the making of the track, TRACE had this to say in a statement to Under the Radar: “When I wrote this song I actually came off the heels of a bummer of a date. It’s not very nice, but it’s the truth: there was no humor present in our conversation. To me, to laugh is to feel alive. To feel connected through a high that ties you to the person in front of you. To laugh with someone is to feel close to someone. I also think, when you’re able to really find something funny, you’re showing a side of yourself that might be hard to define in words and so it’s only through sound that real emotion can be shared. I find it to be interesting that people say it’s ‘the best medicine’ - it totally heals you, laughter.”
— http://undertheradarmag.com/news/premiere_trace_shares_new_single_make_me_laugh
Source: https://ffm.to/makemelaugh

Stephan Jacobs & AHEE - Colors of the Sun ft. Shri (Muti Music)

Mastered by Mastering Engineer Saif Bari

Colors Of The Sun features Stephan Jacobs & AHEE combining efforts to create a gem of a tune.

The tune is a blend of Halftime DnB, crunky Hip Hop beats, some hyphe ‘west coast’ sounding synth work and features enchanting vocals by Shri, the vibe can be described as ‘World Crunk’.

The infectious melody will have you hooked and coming back for more. The single also features a BOSA remix, which is Stephan Jacobs house music project with Sunev.
— https://triplehq.com/stephan-jacobs-ahee-colors-sun/
Source: https://fanlink.to/ColorsOfTheSun