TRACE - Make Me Laugh (Ultra Music)

Mastered by Mastering Engineer Saif Bari

Los Angeles-based songstress TRACE has shared her newest single, “Make Me Laugh,” off of her forthcoming sophomore EP due out this fall via ULTRA, and we’re pleased to premiere it. The track finds TRACE lamenting the harsh realities of dating over a steady boom-bap beat with skittering electronics filling the backdrop. Equal parts PBR&B and vintage singer/songwriter, the track deftly mixes the elements of electronica and soul. Check out the single below.

On the making of the track, TRACE had this to say in a statement to Under the Radar: “When I wrote this song I actually came off the heels of a bummer of a date. It’s not very nice, but it’s the truth: there was no humor present in our conversation. To me, to laugh is to feel alive. To feel connected through a high that ties you to the person in front of you. To laugh with someone is to feel close to someone. I also think, when you’re able to really find something funny, you’re showing a side of yourself that might be hard to define in words and so it’s only through sound that real emotion can be shared. I find it to be interesting that people say it’s ‘the best medicine’ - it totally heals you, laughter.”